Request for Proposal: Legal environment assessment of the prevention of violence against women, children and LGBT+ persons in the Republic of Mauritius

Terms of reference

The Kolectif Drwa Imin (KDI) is a consortium of 5 local civil society organisations comprising of PILS, Collectif Arc-En-Ciel, Young Queer Alliance, Gender Links and Kolektif Drwa Zanfan Morisien. The KDI wishes to initiate a legal environment assessment on the prevention of violence against women, children and LGBT+ persons in the republic of Mauritius.

The overall objective of this LEA is to improve the availability of information on the national, regional and international legal framework governing the prevention of violence against women, children and LGBT+ persons, in order to identify the gaps in the protection of the aforementioned groups and make recommendations accordingly.

LGBT: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans.

Specific objectives of this assessment should focus on:

  1. Identifying and documenting
  2. a) local laws and policies and
  3. b) local, regional and international human rights instruments and mechanisms that exist to protect women, children and LGBT+ persons from all forms of violence
  4. c) local laws, policies, and practices that are discriminatory against women, children and LGBT+ persons and pose barriers to preventing violence and accessing justice
  5. Analyse an agreed list of prioritized, relevant national laws and regulations, relevant recommendations from the Universal Periodic Review and concluding observations from Treaty bodies, as well as case law, policies and practices where relevant, to determine how they undermine or support the targets groups
  6. Provide detailed and appropriate recommendations in regard to laws and/or regulations that need to be enacted, reformed or better enforced in order to afford a better protection from violence

The KDI is seeking proposals from qualified individuals or organisations to lead and conduct this assessment. We are therefore inviting you to submit your proposal which should include:

  1. A detailed methodological approach to address the objectives.
  2. A project timeline
  3. The associated costs
  4. The names and credentials of those who will constitute the research team
  5. A list of past research studies conducted by your organisation or team together with at least three referrals

It is to be noted that the LEA should be completed by end of November 2019

Deadline to respond to any of your queries or clarification and to submit your proposal is on Friday 31st May 2019.

Your proposals and/or queries/clarifications should be emailed to the following email address: