Call for proposal : Violence against women, children and LGBT population Communication Campaign

Recruitment of Services – Violence against women, children and LGBT population Communication Campaign

The Kolektif Drwa Imin (KDI) is a group of NGOs and collectives, comprising of PILS, Gender Links, Kolektif Drwa Zanfan Morisien, the Young Queer Alliance and Collectif Arc-En-Ciel, advocating for the rights of children, women and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer persons (LGBTQ) in Mauritius. Created in 2019, it aims at uniting our forces to make equality a reality for every Mauritian citizen.


The Mauritian society is still plagued by social ills which arguably are preventing the country from achieving more success, equality, and a sense of justice and an all-inclusive mode of development. One of such societal dilemmas the country is currently facing is violence against women, children and sexual LGBT whether sexual, physical, psychological or emotional and economic. The profound understanding of violence, from different perspectives, conclude to the definition that violence is undoubtedly a harm to our society. Violence against women, children and LGBT is a violation to human rights, often deeply rooted in gender inequality, is a public health problem since it exacerbates their vulnerability and discrimination overlap, and an impediment to sustainable development.

Since the launch of the Equality Justice Alliance (EJA) project in April 2019, the KDI mainly focus its intervention towards self-directed and interpersonal violence against women, children and LGBT. In this context, a social research on perception of violence and a Legal Environmental Assessment of violence are being carried out by external experts. The project focuses on reforming laws that discriminate against mentioned groups through an intersectional approach. Based on the findings and recommendations of the research and analysis of current laws, the KDI will advocate for social change.

Objective of the assignment

The objectives of this assignment are to implement a campaign encouraging the public at large and targeted populations (women, children and LGBT) to break the silence and taboo around violence, increase recognition and visibility of the problem among victims and society at large, encourage prevention and promote zero tolerance of violence. The campaign should be innovative, well targeted and structured, with its concept relating to the Mauritian culture and practices.

Campaign objectives

  • Encourage the public at large to prevent violence and identify its form
  • Challenge the misconceptions associated to violence
  • Encourage targeted populations and victims to seek for assistance (also in case of doubt)
  • Involve targeted population in the campaign through community-based activities
  • Organize press release based on the Legal Environment Assessment on violence and the research on perception of violence reports
  • Conceptualize and layout of position paper
  • Advise and design leaflets on violence against women, children and LGBT

Target audience

  • General population
  • Women, children and LGBT


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Proposing a plan, timeline and budget for the development and the delivering of campaign
  • Identifying and recommending appropriate communication channels
  • Planning, creation, diffusion and monitoring of content across selected mediums and channels
  • Developing key messages for the campaign and adapting the content and form to reach different audiences
  • Creating adverts of different formats for various mediums (tv, radio, billboard)
  • Media planning, reservation of advertising spaces and airtime (print, broadcast, online), monitoring that the adverts run accurately
  • Event organisation and coordination
  • Social media planning, content creation, management and moderation
  • Design leaflets directory of NGOs and public services in the field of assistance to any form of violence to women, LGBT and children
  • Advise and design position paper on violence against children, women and LGBT

Qualifications and competencies

The Communication, Public Relations and/or Advertising firm should have:

  • Qualified staff at bachelor's or master’s degree level in the field of communication, public relations, graphic design, advertising or related fields
  • Staff who is proficient in written and spoken English, French and Kreol Morisien
  • Capability and proven experience in crafting and implementing communication, public relations and advertising strategies
  • Capability and proven experience in coordinating communication, public relations and advertising campaigns
  • Capability and proven experience crafting messages and products in various formats (adverts, press releases, audio and video clips, social media posts) for diffusion across various mediums (newspapers, billboards, social media, radio, television)
  • Capability and proven experience in event management
  • Ability to adapt and decline a key message for different target audiences (general population and targeted populations) It is essential that the team demonstrates availability and responsiveness.

Total Campaign Budget

Rs 1,200,000. This includes all costs such as creative strategy, concept, design (including leaflets, position paper), copywriting, art direction, project management, media planning and buying, event organization, printing costs etc.

Campaign Brief

Shame and fear are significant barriers to seeking support and help. The campaign should challenge common myths and misunderstanding associated with violence.

Key messages examples:

  • Violans li pa akspetab
  • Violans li pa enn solision, li enn problem
  • La violence, c'est pas toujours frappant, mais ça fait toujours mal.

Campaign example:


The firm should be available to start the working process as from 26 February and the campaign should be launched by 15 March

Campaign duration 

From 10 to 15 days


Applications should be sent by e-mail on . Submissions should include:

  • Creative proposal for 1 key artwork (for print and online medium), script for 1 radio spot and 1 video (for television spot and social media). 

Deadline for application:

Thursday 6 February 2020